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09-Sep-06, 13:49
i've got a wireless system at home running (at present) two desk tops and a laptop.

all is well with the system what i want to know is how to go about setting up the printer to the wireless system so all the computers can access it.

Paul if i'm lucky you'll answer this:lol: so here's what we're working with.

BT 2091 wirless modem and a lexmark Z55, all computers are on windows xp.


Niall Fernie
09-Sep-06, 14:49
make sure the printer is installed and working on one of the PCs then right click on the printer icon and select "share".

Then on the other PCs go into "printers and faxes" and "add new printer", follow the wizard through and select "network printer" as you come to it.

Depending on the printer you may need the driver disk and you may also find that some features only work on the PC thats physically connected to the printer (such as ink levels)

09-Sep-06, 20:05
Thanks Niall worked for the laptop just my daughters to do :lol:

10-Sep-06, 14:01
Hi Jacquie,

Not sure if I'm the Paul you're meaning or somebody else ... hopefully it was me!

Remember that the PC the printer is connected needs to be switched on to access it. Seems obvious I know but some people do forget :D

You can buy a wireless print server that may work for your printer. Thatw ay no PC needs to be switched on!