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29-Apr-11, 11:35
Shuggie started life with us known as Sugar until we noticed that in fact our pet lamb was a boy!
He was brilliant, took his bottle no problem at all and for the most part the dogs and cat accepted him as a part of their extended family.
All was well until last week when Shuggie started showing signs that he didn't want his bottle so much, we thought, oh well he is growing well and perhaps we should be cutting down his milk intake and he was nibbling at the solid food and drinking water.

Shuggie was seven weeks old,
last Sunday, after he had his breakfast, and as was his custom, he went out to play with the dogs, we think he thought he was a dog,

On checking on them, we noticed Shuggie was laid down and comment was made as to how highly unusual this was,
later, however, and upon further checking we found that our lovely wee lamb was dead.

We have wracked our respective brains, there was no reason as to why this should happen and on reading this today,http://www.thescottishfarmer.co.uk/news/this-weeks-news/lamb-milk-heartache-1.1097418
we now think we know why.

Because, although Shuggie liked his milk he also grued at it,

Shuggie is laid to rest alongside our pets who may be gone but will never be forgotten.


29-Apr-11, 12:47
Oh Linda what a horrible and heartbreaking time you are having!!!:~(

I am so very, very sorry about Shuggie and how sad that his death may have been caused by the milk.[evil]

His time with you was way too short but very happy.

Amber and Co will have been waiting for him at Rainbow Bridge.

Sending you big cyber hugs. xx

29-Apr-11, 18:06
Thank you Liz and to others in their private messages, and yes it is true in as much as we do seem to be having a run of bad luck with our pets,
our own lives have changed so much since we moved North, and it is true, we've lost a few animals, but what we have to remember is that a lot of our pets were old.

Shuggie as lovely as he was, was also the exception in that he was but a few weeks old. (and we are reliably informed, the milk powder in this case was not to blame) therefore, we have no real explanation for his passing.

We miss him, we miss them all.