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29-Apr-11, 09:01
Strong opposition to Strathy forest turbine plan

HIGHLAND Council, through the Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross Planning Applications Committee, will be meeting on Tuesday 10 May 2011 to determine the Councilís response to the Scottish Government on an application under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 by SSE Generation Ltd for a 33 turbine wind farm within Strathy (North) Forest.
The Planning Serviceís report is already available, having been published in advance of the Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross Planning Applications Committee meeting on 15 March 2011 Ė Item 5.1.
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/yourcouncil/committees/caithnesssutherlandandeasterrossmeetings/caithnesssutherlandandeasterrossplanningapplicatio nscommittee/2011-03-15-cser-ag.htm (http://www.highland.gov.uk/yourcouncil/committees/caithnesssutherlandandeasterrossmeetings/caithnesssutherlandandeasterrossplanningapplicatio nscommittee/2011-03-15-cser-ag.htm)

The Planning Serviceís report recommends that the Council does not object to the application and sets out a number of potential planning conditions that should be attached to any approval of the application. The report highlights that a total of 169 letters of representation against the development have been lodged with the Scottish Government with 6 letters in support of the development.
At its meeting in March, the Committee decided that it should undertake a site visit prior to finalising the Councilís position on the application, which will be determined, later in the year by Scottish Ministers. Accordingly, the Committee will convene at Strathy Hall at 10.30 am on 10 May to undertake a site visit, before returning to Strathy Hall at 11.45 am to consider its final position on the consultation from Scottish Government.