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27-Apr-11, 18:38
Crew safe after trawler springs leak

A KEISS skipper and his three-man crew were robbed of their livelihoods after their fishing boat sank in the North Sea.
Donald Anderson and his men could only watch helplessly as the prawn trawler, Strathelliot disappeared beneath the waves.
Earlier, the four men were forced to abandon the 70ft trawler as her list to starboard became more pronounced, 90 miles north-east of Fraserburgh. Donald and his dad, Charlie, a crew member had only bought the boat last year and spent a considerable amount of money on renovations.
Along with William Low and Miles Black, the other crew members, they were hauling the nets on Sunday when, the vessel starting flooding. The pumps couldnít cope and Donald ordered the crew onto the liferaft. He stayed on board for half-an-hour until the Strathelliotís list entered a dangerous phase.
All of the crew were safely picked up by the Buckie-registered Sardonyx.