View Full Version : inserting media files

08-Sep-06, 13:21
i am working on a large power point presentation and would like to insert a movie file into one of the slides. The presentation is just over 9mb and the movie is 6.2mb. when i try to insert the movie the programme stops responding. all help gratefully received.

08-Sep-06, 13:49
Hi Lucy,

Bear in mind that inserting a 6.2Mb movie file into your PowerPoint presentation will slow it down. Your PC need to actually put the movie file into the PowerPoint file.

There could be two things happening:

Your PC is just taking it's time about doing it. How long have you waited before giving up?
It could just be too much for your PC and PowerPoint and it's therefore hanging. Have you tried using Ctrl-Alt-Del and seeing if anything comes up (may take a minute or two)? Is that Hard Drive light and hard drive actually doing anything?You may want to look into cutting the movie down by maybe resampling it or maybe just taking stills from it (assuming you can live without the actual movie).