View Full Version : Speeders ignore police warnings-one caught over 100mph

26-Apr-11, 17:20
Police concern over speeding drivers

THE head of Northern Constabulary’s Road policing Unit has expressed disappointment at the number of motorists still putting themselves and other road users at risk, following the latest weekend of action by ACPOS.
The country roads enforcement activity saw 63 motorists detected for speeding, and two for driving at inappropriate speeds, including one male driver clocked doing 109 on Good Friday.
The Easter weekend saw Northern Constabulary focus its attention on motorists who exceed the speed limit, particularly on the region’s country roads. The weekend of action was co-ordinated by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland and is part of Northern Constabulary’s year-round commitment to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads in the Highlands and Islands.
Head of the Force’s Roads Policing Unit, Inspector John Smith said: “Speeding is an ongoing issue over the summer months and the figures over a short space of time, highlight that drivers are continuing to drive at inappropriate speeds. They are continuing to put themselves and other roads users in danger. It is very disappointing, that, despite the high profile warnings, over 60 drivers have chosen to ignore them. Each and every one of these people will find themselves with penalty points now and possible face a substantial fine.”
As the weather improves, it is anticipated that many motorcyclists will take to the roads. They represent a particularly vulnerable group of road users and are urged to ride in accordance with the road conditions. Three out of four road deaths take place on country roads, with speed often being a significant factor. The emphasis must be about adapting speed to the conditions faced.
Inspector Smith added: “We would again remind all road users to exercise caution. For further information, see our website www.northern.police.uk/Service-Units/bikesafe www.donstriskit.info (http://www.donstriskit.info/) and www.bikesafe.co.uk (http://www.bikesafe.co.uk/)