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26-Apr-11, 15:46
Community service for drugs supply man

A MAN who was found guilty on a charge of supplying drugs has escaped a prison sentence.
Alexander Green, of Coach Road, Wick, had denied the offence.
The trial heard previously that the two people, who were given a blister pack containing morphine sulphate tablets in a roadside ‘free’ deal, Mark Gunn and Julie Webster, consumed them after returning home. They had already taken drugs earlier in the day and were rushed to a Glasgow hospital after overdosing.
Solicitor Neil Wilson, for Green, told Sheriff Andrew Berry that the Class A drugs involved in the offence did not constitute a commercial enterprise. The accused had not charged, so he had gained “absolutely nothing” from it.
Mr Wilson suggested that the crime was at the lower end of the spectrum and might attract a period of community service.
The sheriff asked: “You are suggesting I should not look at the consequences of the accused’s actions?”
Mr Wilson replied that Gunn and Webster had already taken drugs that day, before consuming the morphine sulphate tables and had been “victims of their own misfortune”.
The sheriff commented that such supply of drugs, usually attracted a prison sentence, automatically, but, after seeing background reports,he was satisfied he could deal with it an alternative disposal. Green (39) was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid community service.

Talk on relationship led to assault

A WICK man assaulted his partner following an all-day drinking session, the court was told.
Gary Thomson had consumed between 10-15 pints of beer, Sheriff Berry heard.
Thomson (39) of Grant Street, Wick, admitted the assault on Fiona Steven, who also lives in the town. It was stated that called on her, on April 23, and they had a discussion about the future of the relationship. But matters escalated and Thomson head-butted Ms Steven.
The sheriff said that no domestic assault could be justified, but one which had been carried out by an accused, after consuming such a large quantity of alcohol, as in the current case, was “a singularly serious one”.
Thomson had sentence deferred until May 23, when the sheriff will see background reports.

Coach crash case off again

THE last time the Caithness coach crash case, involving Orkney athletes was called, at the Wick court, at the end of March, it was continued to enable a sample of brake fluid to be checked.
The court was told today that, the test had been completed, but there would be further delay because a dispute had arisen over who should pay for the analysis. Defence solicitor Neil Wilson, representing the driver of the coach which crashed into a safety barrier at the treachorous hairpin bend on the north Berriedale Brae, added, however that he expected the issue would be resolved "in the near future".
Sheriff Berry continued the trial date for Timothy Dearman, until May 23.
Dearman, trading as Tim Dearman Coaches, is accused of failing to ensure that the braking system of the coach was properly maintained. The 66-year-old, who lives at Inchavie, Lower Newbridge, Alness, sustained a suspected fracture pelvis and broken ribs in the accident.
All of the 30 young athletes on board the coach, escaped serious injury. The road was closed for a time, after the accident, in May, last year, and there was a single-lane system in operation for several days, while the safety barrier was replaced.