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25-Apr-11, 08:19
The marriage coverage should
be all about Will and Kate

ALL set for the big wedding! I don’t go a bundle on Royal weddings and will be happy to see the edited highlights at night although I appreciate that millions of folk will be glued to their television screens, come Friday.
As the nation prepares to be sucked inexorably into a whirlpool of nuptial emotion, let me express my burning hope for the William and Kate’s big day. I do hope that the television journalists will try to exclude the continuing references and comparisons to Princess Diana, which have been conspicuous since Will gave Kate his mother’s engagement ring. It was a wonderful gesture but a misguided one in my book.
I would have thought that a girl getting engaged, would want a ring her husband-to-be had chosen for her or one she had had some imput into herself. Kate, though, seemed happy with it at the engagement press conference but it was hardly the sort of gesture she could have refused.
Now, here we are, in the run-up to the marriage and the references to Princess Diana-isms show no sign of abating, in fact they appear to be building to a climax.
Don’t get me wrong, I think it is right and proper that Will and Kate should cherish and honour her memory, particularly given the terrible circumstances of her death, and hold it dear.
But here is a young couple, in love, starting out on the big adventure of marriage and the wedding day should be exclusively for them. So, broadcasters, please, please, suspend (because I doubt if you will ban them altogether) those endless comparisons with the time that Di kept Charles waiting at the altar, or the differences between Di’s wedding dress and Kate’s, or the number of pages, the length of service, or did Will and Kate kiss for the cameras longer than Charles and Di...
What bride would in any case want a comparison with the dress worn by a relative? Every bride chooses her dress because she has chosen it and it is right for her. Please, guys, let it be, and concentrate on covering Will and Kate’s big occasion. After all, it is their day.
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