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22-Apr-11, 10:59
All change at Harmsworth Park but who
will make the Scorries fly high again?

SO, it’s all change again at Harmsworth Park.The difference is that the decision to quit, has come from Richard Hughes and Ian Munro, themselves, recognising that they couldn’t take the team any further and advocating it was time for new hands at the helm. Full marks to them.
It must have been an agonising decision for them as dyed-in-the wool Academy men, but they grasped the nettle for the good of the club. I remember, as you will, many occasions when Richard would stride on the pitch at HP and immediately give the entire team, and the fans a lift.
Football supporters are fickle and impatient folk and they don’t swallow the taste bitter pill of defeat for long. It was only this last season, however, that things have taken a downward spiral. I hope that Tichie and Zeeky continue to serve in Academy’s operational team...and not on the patronising basis that some job will be found for them, but a real, meaningful role- assuming they want to be involved, of course.
Academy needs such passionate hearts like they have, because there more to a club that putting eleven players on the pitch. What of the future? Well, the options are two in number.
You either recruit, locally, or bring someone in from the outside. Now, a previous manager, Don Cowie, travelled back and fore from Ross-shire but I don’t know it that was very productive, as you had two Academy training sessions many miles apart, with Don taking his ex-Ross County contingent in that county and the rest of the team going through their paces at Harmsworth Park.
The rumour mill will swing into action and the fans, will speculate as to who should take Academy forward. I think that whatever the outcome, you need someone based locally, even if it means a move north, lock stock and barrel. Thinking big, might also be expensive and obviously that is a major factor, but still might be cheaper in the long run.
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