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21-Apr-11, 09:34
Bonnie has been missing since wednesday afternoon from the Brough area of Hempriggs. She is a smallish 2 year old cat who is white with large parts of black all over her coat. She is an indoor cat mainly probably due to have being dumped last year when pregnant. I had been away for 5 days so not sure if she was spooked that I was away although she had the rest of the family here. Doing all the procedures of phoning vet and cats protection and looking in sheds etc. Please phone Wick 604664 if you have any information on Bonnie

21-Apr-11, 09:42
Sorry i should have said Tuesday afternoon

21-Apr-11, 12:52
Hope Bonnie gets home safe and well.xx

21-Apr-11, 13:27
So sorry that Bonnie has gone missing. :(

If she stayed mostly indoors I don't think she will have gone far as they normally head for somewhere to hide.I'm sure you've checked every nook and cranny outside but it's amazing how they can just disappear!

Really hope you find her soon. x

22-Apr-11, 14:51
Still no sign of Bonnie, her kittens are missing her.

22-Apr-11, 18:46
Would you like a loan of a cat trap in case Bonnie is coming out from hiding at night time?

I had a house cat who got out and went missing. He seemed to disappear off the face of the earth and couldn't find him despite shouting for him and searching for him everywhere!
When looking out late at night I saw him sitting on next doors coal bunker but he wouldn't come to us the little brat.

I set a trap in our back garden and got him in the early hours of the morning a couple of days later!

22-Apr-11, 19:16
Thanks for your kind offer, Liz but with Minnies ferals on the go and my own lot, then I doubt it would be Bonnie that we would catch.
She was getting a bit annoyed with the kittens clinging to her so Im hoping shes just taking time out. Its really odd without her because shes like my shadow normally and Im missing her so much. :(

22-Apr-11, 19:30
I quite understand and really hope your wee shadow comes back home sure. Maybe she did need some quiet time away from the bairns! xx

23-Apr-11, 09:15
:) Bonnie arrived home safe and well last night at midnight. She came in when my son arrived home and jumped on the bed as if shed never been away.

23-Apr-11, 11:32
brillant news bet her kittys are happy too xxxxxxxxx

23-Apr-11, 12:31
Yaaaaaaaay! That is such great news.

She obviously needed some 'me time'. :) xx

23-Apr-11, 17:17
Glad to hear 'Bonnie' is home,you must be very relieved...good news :D

mop top
23-Apr-11, 19:48
Ah thats brilliant dollycat was keeping my fingers crossed she would be home safe and sound. Hope she not got more kittens on the way though lol x

23-Apr-11, 21:57
Not a chance, I did what her previous owners should have done, off to the vet, although she seems to have a very close relationship with Hunter our male cat DEFINATELY done. Hes been washing her face and ears for ages, strange cat.