View Full Version : The Viceroys (60s group)

The Pepsi Challenge
07-Sep-06, 04:13
I wonder if any of the older (sorry, wiser) heads among us will remember a band from the 60s called The Viceroys? I'm trying to get some info on the band. They were originally from Ireland and settled in Scotland playing alongisde acts like Marmalade.
Gleber2, if you're reading this, there was a chap in them called Jim Waters. Wonder if you ever came across them at some point? I've not had much luck tracking them down on the 'net. There was The Viceroys from Seattle in the 60s and today's version are a roots-dub band.

07-Sep-06, 16:00
The name rings a bell but a brief foray into my mental archives has produced nothing new. Files are very corrupt from that long ago time.:confused