View Full Version : Eggstravaganza in Thurso

19-Apr-11, 16:34
Go 'shopping' for Easter eggs in Thurso town centre

It just wouldn’t be Easter without Easter eggs, would it?
There’s an eggstraordinary event taking place in Thurso town centre on Saturday...an egg hunt starting at 10am.
A map will be on view outside Caithness Horizons showing where the 10 eggs are located in various local shops. In addition, Caithness Horizons will be offering their ever-popular egg decorating and Easter craft sessions, so Thurso has plenty of traditional attractions.
On top of all that, there a £20 gift voucher for a local shop, up for grabs for the primary school pupil coming up with the best answer to the question: “In your own words, tell us why people should visit Thurso town centre”, as well as a £30 book token for their school.
Entry forms can be obtained from the reception at Caithness Horizons. These should be returned to your teacher before April 27.
The town centre promotion is the first to be undertaken by Alan Steven, town centre development officer for Wick and Thurso, in conjunction with Caithness Chamber of Commerce. Their join aim is to improve the footfall in the two towns.