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19-Apr-11, 13:48
Noisy driver was "showing off"

A TEENAGER, who attacked at a fellow patron at a Thurso nightclub, has been given a chance to prove she can behave herself.
Shannon McPhee admitted assaulting Caley Scott at Skinandi’s on March 4, this year. Wick Justice of the Peace Court was told today that there were differing accounts of the early morning incident.
However, senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said that a dispute had arisen between the two, which led to McPhee grabbing Ms Scott’s hair, pulling her to the ground and kicking her on the head. The victim was checked at a local hospital but the injury was found to be superficial.
Mr Barclay said that when interviewed by the police, McPhee (19) said she had been “blazing” at the time and remembered nothing specific about the incident. The accused claimed that Ms Scott had been “having a go” at her earlier.
Sentence was deferred until May 17, to give McPhee, of Bayview Terrace, Thurso, the opportunity to demonstrate she could behave herself.

Wheel spinner fined

A WICK man, whose erratic driving attracted the attention of the police, was fined 150.
William Durrand of Lindsay Drive, Wick, admitted a charged of careless driving.
It was stated that there was excessive noise from the accused’s car as he negotiated the junction between the Riverside and George St, Wick, on March 11. The engine was revved and the wheels spun.
When seen by the police, Durrand (19) owned up and said he had been “showing off”
In addition to the fine, the accused incurred four penalty points.