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19-Apr-11, 09:31
Early breast test could pay dividends say NHS Highland

NHS Highland is hoping a new leaflet on the Scottish Breast Screening Programme will encourage more women to use this potentially life-saving service.
Screening enables breast cancer to be found at an early stage when there is a good chance of successful treatment and full recovery.
And, as Scotland marks 20 years of the full national delivery of breast screening, NHS Scotland’s Scottish Breast Screening Programme has introduced a new comprehensive information leaflet.
The new resource, which was developed in consultation with cancer charities across Scotland, updates the current leaflet provided to women eligible for screening.
In order to ensure women have all the information needed to make an informed choice regarding breast screening, the leaflets will be provided with the invitations to screening appointments and online.
In the Highlands and Islands, 80.3% of women currently take up their appointment for breast screening.
Stephanie Adlinton, who is Breast Screening Support Manager for NHS Highland, said: “We are delighted that our breast screening uptake rate continues to be high, reaching 100% in some areas of the Highlands.
"The local communities very much welcome and support the arrival of the Mobile Units and, although women stop receiving invitations to attend when they reach the age of 70, many ladies continue to self-refer into the programme long after this.
"We hope the new leaflet will encourage even more ladies to attend."
NHS Highland has one static unit, based in the Highland Breast Centre at Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, and two mobile units, which cover the Highlands, Western Isles and parts of West Grampian.
Karen Butler, Programme Manager for the Scottish Breast Screening Programme, said: “The Scottish Breast Screening Programme invites women in Scotland aged 50 to 70 every three years for a free mammogram.
“The aim of breast screening is to detect cancers at an early stage making them easier to treat effectively, and by doing so reduce mortality from breast cancer.
“It is important for women to have all the facts about breast screening and this new leaflet will support women in making an informed decision about going for a mammogram.”