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19-Apr-11, 08:31
Maintain police numbers-conference plea from party leaders

THE leaders of Scotland's four main political parties are to attend the Scottish Police Federation conference in Aviemore, as campaigning continues for the Holyrood election on 5 May, says the BBC.
All four have vowed to maintain police officer numbers but they have different policies on the structure of forces. Labour and the Conservatives both want to merge the eight forces into one, and the SNP also wants a reduction.
The Lib Dems are the only party which opposes a cut in the number of forces.
The main parties have all launched their manifestos, which detail their ideas on policing and justice.
The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats both want an end to automatic early release of prisoners.
The Tories also want the reintroduction of prison sentences of fewer than three months to "restore confidence" in the justice system. The Labour Party supports this policy.
The SNP, meanwhile, has vowed to maintain funding for Community Payback Orders, where low-level offenders repay their debt to society by carrying out manual labour, rather than serving short jail terms.
The parties all have different policies on how to cut knife crime. The Conservatives advocate a nationwide knife amnesty, while the Lib Dems say the key is tackling gang culture.
The SNP have pledged to increase stop-and-search, while Labour wants to bring in six-month mandatory jail terms for anyone convicted of carrying a knife.