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18-Apr-11, 18:01
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HAD a rake in your attic recently?... It’s not a place that most of us are prone to visiting, but it might produce a valuable gem of yesteryear.
It will certainly pay off for Walter Fraser from Halkirk in the shape of a first edition of the Beano. He uncovered it amongst a pile of old books and magazines at his home in Sinclair Lane. Dated July 30, 1938 and priced two pence, the comic was in pristine condition and is certain to attract considerable interest from collectors.
The valuable edition was the only comic he found and featured the antics of favourite DC Thomson characters such as Little Dead-Eye Dick, Lord Snooty, Big Fat Joe, Whoopee Hank, Wee Peem, Cracker Jack and Tin-Can Tommy.
Seventy-five-year old Walter hasn’t a clue as to how the comic ended up in the loft and marvelled at how good a state it was in, as it was almost as old as himself.
No more than 12 copies of the first edition are believed to have survived, with one fetching 12,000 at auction, several years ago. So, Walter could literally have a small fortune on his hands.
Come to think of it, I seem to recall coming across a Black Bob annual in my attic some time back...

IT's been a gloomy spell for Wick Academy compounded by a terrible week at the office, conceding eight goals in two games, half of that in each, at the hands of Nairn and Buckie. It may be small consolation that, but for some outstanding goalkeeping by Alan Bokas, particularly in the latter fixture, the scoreline at the final whistle might have been even more embarrassing.
It's difficult to imagine that the Scorries were the same team that gave Breechin such a scare in the early rounds of the Scottish Cup, playing fast, flowing football that the visitors found difficult to cope with. Of course, Wick was near to full strength at the time.
It's easy for a team to feel resigned at the tail end of the season.... there's nothing to play. There is...pride! Shake your feathers, you Scorries, lift your heads and don't just free wheel to the last game but hit the accelerator and go out with a bang, playing the kind of gutsy soccer the fans and I know you are capable of.
Put down a marker for your Highland League rivals that, yes, this season has not been one from which you will emerge from with glory, but you will be back, next year with a vengeance, next season.

* As I explained in the advance piece, in the diary, I will be adding to this column as and when I can, in my partial retirement and would be happy to receive any items or old photos, you might care to send in. And, if you are sending out a press release, feel free to add my name to your e-mail list, My address is, Nwicker60@aol.com (Nwicker60@aol.com)
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