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15-Apr-11, 12:57
Man threatened three girls

A SHERIFF has called for reports on a Wick man who alarmed teenagers by his conduct in a local park.
Gary MacAlpine of Oldwick Road, Wick, admitted having behaved in a threatening or abusive manner towards them, while on bail.
The court was told that the incident occurred as MacAlpine was making his way through the Skate Park, in Wellington Street, on Sunday afternoon, April 3. As he passed the girls, he wrongly accused them of having directed a remark at them. They were subjected to “a tirade of abuse” from the accused and ran home in an upset state.
After being arrested, MacAlpine (21) shouted and swore at a police officer, at Wick police station and threatened violence towards him. Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said that MacAlpine appeared to indicate that he was ‘up’ for some sort of physical confrontation and was placed in an anti-harm suit to ensure that nothing further developed from his ‘odd’ behaviour.

TWO Wick men on serious assault charge

William George McKenzie (35) and Kristopher George Wilson (22) made no plea or declaration when they appeared in private at Wick Sheriff Court. They were released on bail by Sheriff Andrew Berry.
They are alleged to have assaulted a man in the town on January 28, this year.

Teenager had drugs

A Wick teenager, found in possession of an illegal substance, was admonished after the sheriff was informed that she had been of good behaviour since her initial appearance.
The accused was Ashley Caley of Bremner’s Walk, Wick. The 17-year-old admitted having the drug substitute, piperazines Bzp, at her home, on July 26, this year.