View Full Version : RSPB plea follows red kite deaths

13-Apr-11, 15:33
Poison plea to farmers to save red kites

FARMERS and land managers are being urged to stop using large quantities of rat poison in the summer in a bid to prevent red kite deaths.
The call by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) came as it revealed 11 red kite chicks were poisoned by rodenticides last summer.
The birds were discovered dead or dying in four nests on the Black Isle and in Easter Ross.
This represented more than 10% of red kite chicks produced in the whole area.
Brian Etheridge, RSPB red kite officer for North Scotland, who has monitored the situation over the past 15 years, said the deaths were "devastating".
He appealed for farmers to prevent explosions in rat numbers so they would not need to use large quantities of poison and put kites and other species, including barn owls and wild cats, at risk.
'Painful death'
He said: "We are very anxious to prevent a repetition of what happened last year. Red kites are beginning to pair up and select nest sites. Soon they will be laying and the chicks will be hatching.
"Rodenticide poisoning is a particularly painful way for any animal to die. Most rodenticides contain anticoagulants, which gather in the liver of an animal causing heavy internal bleeding."