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12-Apr-11, 20:24
Over the Ord

Hi there,folks

WHEN I started Doanalsin’s Diary, I envisaged a once-a-week, or fortnight feature such as it was with my last column, Wicker’s World.
However, news started to creep in-old habits die hard- and, like Topsy, the diary grew and grew, and items that were more of a feature or comment nature, began to get swamped.
So, after a chat with orgmaster, Bill Fernie, we decided to hive of the memory lane and other off-beat items, and comment into a file on their own, entitled Over the Ord, which comes from the photo books produced, on Caithness, many years ago, by Herbert Sinclair.
If you have any non-diary items or memory pictures you feel would be suitable, I would be delighted to include them, and, the web being global, would also be pleased to hear from exiles.
My e-mail contact is Nwicker60@aol.com (Nwicker60@aol.com) and my postal address, 11 Ackergill Crescent, Wick, KW1 4DU. I will continue, though, to accept news items for Doanalisn’s Diary.
What I intend doing with Over the Ord, is to add items as they come to hand and when the file reaches its
maximum word count of 1000 for a single post, I will open a second file under Ord 2 and so on.

Yours aye