View Full Version : Quiz night 7th Feb

02-Feb-02, 00:22
Im not able to be at the quiz on Thursday, neither anm i able to pose any questions. Sorry about that, but hopefully youll be able to sort something out amongst the lot of you.

02-Feb-02, 03:40
That's a pity Gleeber, cuz you won it fair and square this time. -Helen

02-Feb-02, 08:42
Glad to see that a Thirsa loon won last week's quizzz. I will be at work on 7 Feb but if my questions for last week were not too bad I will gladly do some more and pass them on.

05-Feb-02, 13:45
I see nobody is tkaing up the offer of being quizmaster - If someone can make up the questions I will do the quiz - davie, if you are willing to do the questions again mate - just pass them on - I believe you have my email.

05-Feb-02, 14:01
ok ac, I'll get to that this evening. I spoke to Betty on the chat last night & she also offered to help ou.

05-Feb-02, 14:54
Many Thanks Davie & Betty