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05-Sep-06, 10:55
Tell us about the book, (or books, poem or story) that had the most impact on you?

For me I think it was definetely "Charlotte's Web". This was the first book I ever read, when I was about 6, and from then on I love reading. I don't think I have ever stopped and from Charlottes Web I have now developed an interest in writing for children. I would love to write something, that has the impact on other kids, that this book had on me. I would love to start a life long love affair with books for at least one other reader. :D

05-Sep-06, 15:30
The very first book I can remember having was I believe called The Gold(en?) Thread. I remember nothing now of the story, other than it would be classified as mythology I expect. This I'm certain got me 'hooked' on mythology and when I somewhat later, at school, began to read stories of that ilk, I rapidly developed a pssion for it, especially Greek. This then led to more advanced reading such as Homer's Iliad, Then on to Plato, Socrates, Aristophanes and so on. I owe a great deal to that first book.

07-Sep-06, 18:20
Thanks for reminding me of a nice childhood memory lolabelle, I forgot all about Charlotte's web, I loved that book as a child. Such lovable characters.

I also loved Anne of Green Gables, The Narnia series, and I am David.