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06-Apr-11, 16:21
Breach of the peace alleged

A FORTY-YEAR-OLD man appeared on petition in private at Wick Sheriff Court, today in connection with an allegation of breach of the peace.
Donald Henry Connor, 40, from Haster, made no plea or declaration and was released on bail pending further inquiry.
In a separate case in open court, Campbell Duncan Freeman admitted breaching a bail condition.
The condition related to a 7pm-7am curfew order imposed on February 2, which meant he had to make himself available, at his home, but failed to answer the door to police at his then address in Tom Matheson Court, Thurso, on April 4.
The case was continued for reports until April 28. Freeman, 46, was bailed to a new address, Room 219, Ormlie Lodge, Thurso. The curfew remains in force.