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04-Apr-11, 18:14
Man accused of terrifying girls

A WICK man has been accused of threatening three girls in a bid to prevent them giving evidence against his son.
Alexander MacAlpine, 47, pleaded not guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice, when he appeared from custody at Wick Sheriff Court, today. The charge alleges that, knowing the girls had made a complaint to the police, he pursued them in two local streets, on Sunday and menaced and terrified them.
MacAlpine’s son Gary, 21, denies threatening to “slit the throats” of children at a play area in Wick, the same day. He has also pleaded not guilty threatening police at the town’s police station. The two accused, who live at 24 Oldwick Road, Wick, were remanded in custody, pending their trial on April 27.
In a separate, case, a middle-aged Thurso man has pleaded not guilty to causing a breach of the peace and driving carelessly. It is alleged that the accused, who cannot be named for legal reason, drove away from a house in Wick,on Sunday, knowing that a child was in the process of being removed from the van, by a person.