View Full Version : Wndows XP and reformatting PC

04-Sep-06, 12:28
I have convinced myself that I need to do this to free some space. Can anyone tell me how do I do this and is there anything that I need to backup, apart from the obvious personal files. Ta.

04-Sep-06, 13:22
Hi Rheghead,

It's always good to do this once in a while for Windows. My laptop needs it done badly (takes about 5 minutes to startup).

Remember to:

save your passwords somewhere if you have them (ie. if you Firefox and the password manager then you can backup all of that up),
save your personal files as you said, save your email and account settings.
Make sure you have a copy of any drivers - if you don't download them. You may not be able to get onto the internet without the proper network driver for example (my network card needs a separate driver as Windows XP does not recognise it) so get them now.
Make sure you have your Windows XP and any purchased software) licence / serial numbers.
Make sure you have a copy of all the apps you use, particularly those you can't download.

Other than that, go for it. I'm sure other people will come up with more to add but I think these are the essential ones. Just make sure the backups you take are safe and good!