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01-Apr-11, 13:26

A WICK man who breached an ASBO by attempting to enter a local bar, was fined 300 at the town’s sheriff court today.
David Gammie, 28, of Bank Row, Wick, admitted the offence.
The court was told that he was spotted outside J.D. Weatherspoon, late on January 27, by one of the bar’s employees who reminded him of the court order preventing him from entering or attempting to enter the bar.
Gammie took issue with the employee about it and "lost his temper".
Solicitor Sylvia MacLennan said that Gammie had a number of previous convictions but now had a job as a quarry labourer and was doing his best to stay out of trouble.
She said:” He recognises that the Wetherspoon employee was fully entitled to speak to him and he should not have responded in the way he did.”

Search revealed drug

POLICE became suspicious about Gavin Farquhar’s demeanour in Wick town centre and decided to search him.
They recovered 1.7gms of cocaine, from one of his trouser pockets, in the town's Market Square.
Farquhar, of Plover Place, Reiss, admitted possessing the Class A drug, which had a street value of 100.
Solicitor Ken Ferguson said that the accused was an occasional user of the drug but had abstained since the offence which occurred on February 5.
Farquhar, 26, was fined 100.

No insurance

USING a car without insurance landed Stuart
Robertson in trouble.
He was offered a fixed penalty by police after they checked his documents in Sir George’s Street, in Thurso, on August 20, but it was not paid.
Robertson, 25, of Killimster Mains, Reiss, pleaded guilty and was fined 300. He also incurred six points on his licence.