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24-Mar-11, 16:26
See the sea cadets and, who
knows........ maybe the world!

WICK Sea Cadets are hosting an open session next month to give young folk an insight into an organisation they might fancy joining.
The cadets have outgrown their old premises and the move to new accommodation has given then the space to start a new junior section for 10-12 year olds and swell the ranks still further, by introducing a seniors section for 12-18 yrs.
David Richard-Jones, secretary of Wick Sea Cadet Corps Management Committee, extended a warm welcome to anyone interested and said: “The unit has a very rich history, originally meeting way back in the Black Stairs sea cadet hall and many of the former cadets have gone onto careers in the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy, serving throughout the world.”
He added: “Today’s sea cadets enjoy probably one of the most exciting programmes for young folk. We have four of our own vessels of various types, berthed at the Wick pontoons in the summer and there is the opportunity of going to sea for a week on one of the national sea cadets’ ocean-going vessels.”
The open afternoon is scheduled for April 16 at the Scout Hall, Kirkhill, Wick.