View Full Version : Happy Anniversary

06-Oct-04, 22:07
To Golach and Mrs Golach..congrats on your 42nd wedding anniversary..here's hoping your dancing the night away. Whatever you're up to enjoy yourselves.Cheers pals

Mr P Cannop
06-Oct-04, 22:18
all the very best To Golach and Mrs Golach

07-Oct-04, 00:43
Congratulations to the Golachs, 42 years is quite an achievement. Will you share your secret for a successful marriage?

07-Oct-04, 17:29
Mrs golach has put up with him for that long? Wowzers, she wins a prize. ;)

09-Oct-04, 16:35
Many thanks my so called friends for the kind wishes
The recipe for a good marrige is lots of give and take.

Mrs G does all the taking I do all the giving [lol] [mad]

24-Dec-04, 01:56
There was an ould couple in our church that were asked up on to the platform on their 50th wedding anniversary. The minister asked hubby if there was a secret to a long marriage. He replied, "Yes, and I can sum it up in two words..... yes, dear."

Mr & Mrs G. - hearty congrats to you both!