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22-Mar-11, 18:25
Wedding punch proved costly

A MAN who punched a fellow guest at a wedding was fined £150 at Wick Justice of the Peace Court today.
The accused, Derek Farmer, 28, of Murkle Terrace, Thurso, admitted a charge of assault. The incident occurred at the function in the town’s Weigh Inn Motel, on July 23, last year.
The court was told that there was an exchange of words between Garry Daniels and Farmer and the accused, punched him on the head. It was stated that the accused thought that Mr Daniels was going to hit him and though he would get his blow in first.

Noisy driver

A NOISY driver attracted the attention of police on patrol. They observed the offending car leaving Wick Riverside car park, wheels spinning and engine revving.
The driver, John Robertson, admitted a charge of careless driving, on January 30, and a number of previous convictions and was fined £150.
The court was told that when interviewed, Robertson, 22, said he was “just being a prat”, agreed it had been “a silly thing to do” and promised not to do it again.
In addition to the fine, Robertson, of Hospital Road, Wick incurred four penalty points.

Got involved

KEVIN Wilson got involved in a dispute with a group of youths in Bridge Street, Wick, and ended up spitting at one of them, Paul Reid.
Wilson 19, of Pilot Row Papigoe, admitted a charge of assault and had sentence deferred for six months to give him an opportunity to demonstrate he could behave himself. The incident occurred on January 22.

Cleared of assault

A WICK man was cleared of a charge of assault after the bench accepted a defence motion that there was no case to answer.
Robert Sutherland, 27, of Westerlea, Miller Avenue, Wick, denied assaulting Rehan Amin, in Shore Lane, Wick on June 5, last year.
After hearing evidence from three witness, the Justices of the Peace accepted submissions that there was a lack of corroboration of the assault and found the accused not guilty.