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22-Mar-11, 11:13
Jon Fratelli and Mince of the Fratellis are playing Wick Assembly Rooms on Fri 8th April.

Tickets available from Mcallans Menswear Wick & Thurso and Blackstairs Lounge.

Should be a good night out!

22-Mar-11, 11:41
????????????? Who ? Never heard of them.

22-Mar-11, 22:11
Haven't heard much from them but this was a nice tune:


I didn't realise they'd split up.

23-Mar-11, 13:30
They haven't split its just one of them is taking a break and the other 2 decided to do a tour playing the best of Fratellis, Codeine Velvet Club (Jons Side Project) and Jons Solo stuff. Gonna be 2 drumkits on stage so should be quite impressive. :)

23-Mar-11, 14:11
Most of the news reports are saying they have split. John said on their website:

"We have no plans to work together right now", he said.

"Sometimes things just work out that way. Mince, Baz and I are working on music but not with each other.

"Your passion is appreciated more than we will ever be able to say. We'll forever give our hearts and souls to music and to you guys who want to hear what we do."

The "right now" offers some hope for fans though.

24-Mar-11, 11:48
Got my tickets should be a good night !