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the gourmet
19-Mar-11, 22:23
Hi, Does anybody know if there is anyone in the Caithness area that does pottery classes. My daughter went to one a few months ago and she thought it was at Lyth.

06-Apr-11, 21:35
Hi visited the old mill at latheron. Lovely girl there does pottery workshops. Her name is Jenny Ross and you can find her number on caithness.org. Next workshop 22 may 2011.

07-Apr-11, 14:13
she doesnt do classes , i tried.

the gourmet
22-Jun-11, 04:13
Hi, I spoke to Jenny a couple of days ago and she is willing to do workshops on Saturday afternoons for 2 hours starting at around 2pm. Her maximum class size is 9 at a cost of 110 which includes all materials and tuition. I would like to go with my daughter and three of her friends. This leaves 5 places at 12.00 a head if anyone is interested?

I would like to try for this Saturday the 2nd of July if there is enought interest and Jenny is still free.

12-Aug-11, 06:36
I hope there is no age group for learning this classes ?