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18-Mar-11, 15:42
Sheriff not amused by post-sentence smirking

A HALKIRK teenager’s reaction to a 600 fine nearly landed him in jail today.
Apprentice engineer, Allen Miller appeared to be amused by the penalty imposed at Wick Sheriff Court today...but not for long.
Sheriff Andrew Berry rapped: “Take that smirk off your face or I could reconsider matters and have you taken into custody”.
Miller, 18, of Crescent Street, Halkirk, had admitted breaking a window and behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards the police.
The court was told that the trouble arose after Miller, who was drunk,
broke a window in Olrig Street, Thurso on December 28. Police attended at the scene and suspicion fell on the accused.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said that the accused became agitated and began to swear at the officers. He was arrested and taken to Thurso police station where there was no improvement in his behaviour, and he “shouting his mouth off”. He said he would “sort out” the constables and, when asked if he was making a threat, replied: “It is not threat...it is a promise”.
Solicitor Neil Wilson summed up first-offender, Miller’s behaviour, as “drunk and foolish” and added: “He remembers little or nothing about the incidents but accepts he is guilty and wishes to apologise.”
Mr Wilson added: “Hopefully, it is a one off”.
Sheriff Berry said that alcohol was no excuse and added that those in public service were entitled to be treated with respect.
In addition to the fine, Miller was ordered to pay the cost of repairing the window, 90.

Over the limit

AN ENGINEER who drove with excess alcohol, was fined 400 and banned from driving for a year.
James Thomson, of Holborn Place, Scrabster, was stopped by police who became concerned about the manner of his driving after he move off from the Weigh Inn. He was breathalysed positive and further test revealed a breath-alcohol level of 60 micrograms. The limit is 35mgs.
Solicitor Eric Bajel said that Thomson had miscalculated, the amount he had had to drink. The accused was acutely aware of the embarrassment he had caused himself and his family, in what had hitherto been an unblemished record.
Disqualification would have a knock-effect on his wife who was said to be effectively wheelchair-bound and relied on her husband for transport.

Community service for threat

A WOMAN who threatened a Tesco assistant was ordered to carry out 75 hours of unpaid community service.
Carole Cowie, 42, had denied the charge but was found guilty after a trial earlier in the week.
The court was told then that there was a background of bad feeling between them. Cowie of Wyebank, West Murkle, told the assistant Sarah Robson, on duty at the Thurso store’s cigarette kiosk, on November 19: “ You’re dead”
Sheriff Berry described the remark as “foolish in the extreme”. He also fined the accused 100 for breaching a good behaviour order but continued her probation.