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01-Sep-06, 09:40
Amongst very many more writers, I'd choose to have work from all these:-

Janice Galloway, A.L. Kennedy, Irvine Welsh, Ian Rankin, Robert Crawford, W.N. Herbert, Kathleen Jamie, Kevin MacNeil, Iain Crichton Smith, Sorley MacLean, Norman MacCaig, George Mackay Brown, and Edwin Morgan.
All have made significant contributions to Scotland's Literary Culture.

02-Sep-06, 22:10
Over the years I have come to appreciate the writing of Neil M.Gunn who has the ability to paint a word picture second to none.I have read all his books but not all had the same fascination. "Grey Geese overhead" was a struggle as was "The Green Isle of the Great Deep" it did n't work for me as it seemed almost Orwellian. However, "Sliver Darlings," "Highland River" and "The Sliver Bough" will always have pride of place especially the later which has a timeless quality , an interweave of legend,human relationships and raw emotion.