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31-Aug-06, 21:26
The Day that Summer Died
by Vernon Scannell

From all around the mourners came
The day that Summer died
From hill and valley, field and wood
And lake and mountainside.

They did not come in funeral black
But every mourner chose
Gorgeous colours or soft shades
Of russet, yellow, rose.

Horse chestnut, oak and sycamore
Wore robes of gold and red,
The rowan sported scarlet beads
No bitter tears were shed.

Although at dusk the mourners heard,
As a small wind softly sighed
A touch of sadness in the air,
The day that Summer died.

01-Sep-06, 00:53
What a very descriptive poem - I ought to read more from that writer.

02-Sep-06, 22:13
That was so emotive I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I'm off to search for a favourite one of mine , will post it later.