View Full Version : Court hears of threat to shop assistant

16-Mar-11, 16:05
Tesco shop assistant told-"You're dead"

A WOMAN has been found guilty of threatening a former neighbour, at her place of work.
Carole Cowie, 42, had denied saying to Tesco kiosk assistant Sarah Robson – “You’re dead”.
The accused, however, was found guilty at Wick Sheriff Court, of a charge of having behaved in a threatening or an abusive manner, likely to cause suffering, fear, or alarm.
Miss Robson told the trial yesterday (Wednesday) that there had been background of ill-feeling between them and said the threat had been made as Cowie passed the cigarettes kiosk at the Tesco’s Thurso store, on November 19.
The shop assistant, who lives in the Thurso area, said that the remark has been made in “a horrible tone of voice”. Miss Robson, 28, told the court, on Wednesday, that it upset her and she reported it, immediately, to the store manager who contacted the police.
She agreed with defence solicitor, Neil Wilson that there had been “a fair amount of animosity” when she and her partner were neighbours of the accused, but denied inventing a story to get back at Cowie, of Wyebank, West Murkle.
Miss Robson, who since moved house with her partner, described the suggestion as “rubbish” and added: “I find it daunting being here and it’s the last thing I would want.
Fellow kiosk assistant, Janice Gunn, 48, who lives in the Thurso area, said she also heard the threat and she “couldn’t believe it”. She claimed that Cowie repeated the remark and had “shouted it”.
Mr Wilson didn’t call Cowie as a witness and led no evidence. However, he highlighted the difference in the number of times the threat had been made, and the level of voice used, and pointed out that there had been two glass screens between the two assistants and the accused.
Finding Cowie guilty, Sheriff Andrew Berry said that, not withstanding the variations in the shop assistants’ evidence, it was clear that the phrase had been used once, and he was satisfied, beyond reasonable doubt, that the incident had taken place.
The offence was committed while Cowie was on probation and the court was told that a deferred sentence for good behaviour was due to be heard at the court on Friday.
Sheriff Berry continued the threat case until then, when he will sentence the accused after hearing a verbal report from a social worker.