View Full Version : Residents alarm over lone dogs

16-Mar-11, 09:56
Council concern over dogs left to roam Wick streets

DOGS that are let out by their owners and end up roaming the streets of Wick, unaccompanied, are causing the police and local community councillors concern.
The issue was raised at this month’s meeting of the Royal Burgh of Wick Community Council, by Gary Robertson.
She said that that a couple of people had reported to her that they had encountered dogs at night and were alarmed.
Councillor Robertson said that it wasn’t the same as letting a cat out and the practice was “unfair” on the dogs concerned. She said: “I let my cat out but I don’t expect to see dogs out.”
Police Sergeant Ian Sutherland agreed, and said that his officers had dealt with four dog incidents in the past month. He added that they were working closely with Highland Council’s dog warden to deal with the problem.
Chairwoman Coreen Campbell advised concerned townspeople to contact the warden and added: “Dogs should not be allowed to roam the streets.”
Councillor Wendy Campbell drew attention to “a serious problem” at the Braehead, near her home and said that the warden was organising patrols of the area.
IN his Highland Council report, Councillor Graeme Smith warned of tough times ahead.
He said: “The authority is really struggling to try and get a wee bit more out of the pint pot. I don’t envy them their job in balancing the budget, but do wish they would go about it in a more realistic way. We will continue, as always, to do our best for the Highlands, but some people have different as to what that best is. In the meantime we are trying to protect as many services as we can.