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31-Aug-06, 19:50
Is there any of you on Tiscali Broadband 1 meg for £14-99 if you are you can get it upgraded to 2 meg for the same price but you have to call them,they dont let you know about it its a case of if you dont ask you dont get. Try it see how you get on

31-Aug-06, 19:53
I was thinking of switching to tiscali, will knew users get the same deal?

31-Aug-06, 19:56
Yep same for everyone and you can get free weekend phone calls if you want as well

01-Sep-06, 03:38
I'm with Plusnet..........as fast as the exchange can give for £14.99.........capped at 4MB (4pm-12 midnight) peak and 50MB off-peak, but as I don't download movies, it more than does me, even FTPing to my websites.

01-Sep-06, 14:03
pipex do a deal for 8meg, unlimited phone calls and line rental for£29.99 a month and unlimited useage per month

01-Sep-06, 14:13
Mines running at 2.3 mb @£14.95 a month with free weekend calls, been offered 8 mb for £17.99 not yet signed up for that.
Kind regards Ashes

01-Sep-06, 16:01
we've been with tiscali for years, now they're saying that we are using to much (unlimited use!) and we have to share band width with other heavy users. OUr usage has not changed or increased in all the years we have been using them and they will not reply to any of our emails. We also never download anything during peak periods - so bascially I think tiscali are ripping me off! I am also paying £19.99 a month for 2mb and barely getting 1

We are lookimg elsewhere - the new sky package looks quite good but hasn't reached this area yet

02-Sep-06, 16:12
Have been with tiscali broadband, but changed to wanadoo or orange as it is now called. Would not recommend anyone to go with tiscali, if you think that you may change to different company as they are horrendous to deal with if you have any problems. They put the blame on everybody but themselves.
This is just from my experience in dealing with them.