View Full Version : Animated avatars using PhotoShop Elements

31-Aug-06, 14:36
I have composed a user guide for others on how to animate images using Adobe PhotoShop Elements, that includes some screenshots. WHat is the best way for me to make this generally available?

31-Aug-06, 17:48
Hi Ricco,

You need to upload it somewhere and post a link to it here. I'm not sure if Caithness.org has somewhere you can store it. If not, please let me know and I'll make it available from my server.

31-Aug-06, 19:40
Or try here (http://s22.quicksharing.com/)

31-Aug-06, 22:09
Or try here (http://s22.quicksharing.com/)

They delete the file if it's not used within 30 days. As this is a file that might not be accessed that often it might get deleted.

There are a load of places that allows file sharing though so one of them might keep it. Yahoo's briefcase used to allow you to share public files but I *think* they removed that option.