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04-Oct-04, 21:17
I'm planning making banoffee pie and i know i have to boil the can unopened in boiling water for 5 hours to carmelise it. I am following this recipe


I'm just worried the can will explode, i have searched on the net and cant find any stories of this happening. Also wondering should i set the can on it's bottom or side and should i immerse it completely in the water??

Any advice appreciated :D

tides of pentland firth
04-Oct-04, 22:06
When I was in the scouts we put cans of beans on the fire as they would explode (don't try that at home kids, join the scouts first). If the heat causes it to expand then it should explode unless you keep it under a certain temperature. Mabey you could pierce a small hole in the top.

Happy Cooking!

04-Oct-04, 22:54
My wife made this about 2 months ago and lovely it was. She boiled tin for 4 hours on its side totally immerised. I to was worried that it would explode but no problems Happy cooking. :D

04-Oct-04, 23:20
GREAT!! That's the answer i was hoping for, i'll make it tomorrow :D

George Brims
11-Oct-04, 22:22
Food in cans is cooked by boiling the can at the factory so it won't explode in boiling water. HOWEVER don't leave it unattended and let the water boil dry! I wonder if the cans burst or split down the seam? I feel an experiment coming on...

My aunt down in England (ex-Bower) once made lentil soup in a pressure cooker. The soup frothed up and blocked the steam outlet so the safety pop-off eventually blew. Her kitchen has a high ceiling and that's where most of the soup ended up!

12-Oct-04, 00:32
I asked the site owner and he said as he understands it the tin can't burst so long as it is immersed in the water as the contents have a much higher boiling point than water, which makes sense. My mother in law also says that's the way to do it. I would go along with what themoth says and boil the can on its side, that way it has minimal contact with the heat source beneath and is thus being heated by the water around it.

Proceed with care though as the site owner also sent a picture sent to him by someone who had fallen asleep while making it and allowed the water to boil dry. The result is shown below but bear in mind that with proper care and attention this should not be a problem.


Colin I have PM'd you regarding the image. :)

12-Oct-04, 08:39
Thankfully it didn't end up like that picture Geo, lol

It turned out lovely so i think i'll be making another one soon :D

12-Oct-04, 10:17
I've also heard that putting a small sideplate in the bottom of the pan can help stop the can coming in contact with the direct heat, make sure its a plate that will take it :) Also works a treat for yer haggis.

12-Oct-04, 12:55
If you want a "banofee pie experience" without the boiling of the can for five hours then try this. I have made it several times - its easy and it works. It tastes fantastic and was enjoyed by everyone