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black rover
10-Mar-11, 21:09
Hi, Is it possible to install freeview tv to a tv set (via a chip,card, or whatever) instead of using a freeview box? I have a 32" hd ready tv without freeview. Any suggestions???

10-Mar-11, 21:12
If you are looking for low key, this kind of thing (http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5322082.htm?_$ja=tsid:11527|cc:|prd:5322082|cat:ho me+entertainment+and+sat+nav+%2F+digital+box) might be what you are looking for. Sits behind the TV plugged into the SCART socket with a wee IR detector stuck on top. Loads of different makes, but this is probably about as low key a style as you can get without delving into the TV's guts!

black rover
10-Mar-11, 22:11
Thanks for your info, will look at this option.

10-Mar-11, 23:37
Alternatively, the TV manufacturer would be best placed to advise if there is a slot or an expansion port that something can get plugged in to make it Freeview. Bung the make and model into Google (http://www.google.co.uk) along with "freeview upgrade" or something and see what comes back!