View Full Version : free ringtones

03-Oct-04, 09:35
Can anyone recommended a site for getting free poly ringtones etc?



The Angel Of Death
04-Oct-04, 10:47
Try http://www.free-ringtones-free-logos.com/ it was free although you have to go online via wap on your phone to get them most people have the free o2 cards that give free wap time so it wont cost you anything at all for the tones

05-Oct-04, 17:30
Hi Cheers for that i'll give it a go as i have the free wap mins on my phone and i never use them so this is a chance!!

02-Nov-04, 21:16
i bought a cd off ebay as a buy it now with 60,000 ringtones for 99p it is well worth the money