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06-Mar-11, 11:39
New scheme for community councils in the Highlands

A NEW scheme governing the running of community councils in the Highlands takes effect from April a, this year.
It brings together eight separate schemes into one Highland-wide scheme.
Community Councils are expected to adopt a new constitution and standing orders before 30 June and hold their first elections – to be held every four years - in November of this year.
The core membership will be 7 members and the maximum membership will be 13, depending on population. The quorum will be 4 members.
The scheme agreed by The Highland Council follows three phases of consultation with the public.
Convener Sandy Park said: “Community Councils play an important role in representing the views of local residents. The major review brings together 8 separate schemes in the Highlands into one and should result in a more consistent operation of Community Councils and better representation in our communities, through more contested elections.”