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29-Aug-06, 16:05
I've just set up a new pc and I noticed when I'm trying to type sometimes a constant string of hash symbols appear when I use the backspace button or if I knock a button accidentally and seem to keep going along the page until I can get them highlighted and delete them out. I noticed it first when setting up a password for the first time and It did this in the box.:confused
Would it be worth re-installing the drivers for the keyboard again?

Tiger Jones
29-Aug-06, 19:25
Hi sweetpea.

You could try removing the keyboard from the device manager and let Windows reinstall it when you restart.

Click Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware tab > Device Manager.

Click the cross beside 'Keyboards'

Right-click on your keyboard description and select 'uninstall' from the menu. Then OK.

You'll then need to restart and let Windows boot up again.

EDIT: Might seem a basic question but are you sure the keyboard is properly plugged in?

30-Aug-06, 10:28
Thanks for helping me out I did exactly what you said and so far it's working fine.:D

Tiger Jones
30-Aug-06, 14:03
I'm glad to hear it :)