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04-Mar-11, 14:57
Grow your own...so long as it’s not cannabis

A THURSO man adopted a grow-your-own policy... trouble was, the crop he was cultivating was cannabis.
Neil Durrand set up a mini-production unit at his home at 62 Macaulay View, Thurso, to feed his habit.
However, the enterprise ended prematurely when police raided the house. They found a small crop of five plants being reared in a hydrophonic system and 40 gms of cannabis.
Durrand was “candidly frank” with officers and indicated that he was a drug user and was producing the cannabis for his own use.
The accused admitted manufacturing the drug and having it in his possession, on June 15.
Solicitor Ken Ferguson said that Durrand had lost his job because of the offences but had since secured alternative employment. The accused, he added, had since kicked his drug habit.
Sheriff Andrew Berry called for a social inquiry report to check that Durrand had “no other underlying problems” and continued the case until April 1. The production equipment was ordered to be forfeit.

Drinks driver warned

A SHERIFF warned a second-time drinks driver that if he committed a further road traffic offence he could find himself facing a prison sentence.
The accused, Aberdeen man, Kenneth Sharp, admitted driving with excess alcohol in Princes Street, Thurso, on November 20, last year. Tests revealed a reading of 58 microgrammes – the limit is 35mgs, Wick Sheriff Court heard today.
Sharp, of 24 James Street Aberdeen, was breathalysed positive by police, after being stopped on an unrelated matter.
His solicitor, Duncan Henderson, said that the off-shore worker had been drinking the night before and wrongly thought he was “safe to drive”.
Sharp ,27, was fined 750 and banned from driving for three years.

Car flipped over

A CARELESS driver was fined 300 and banned from driving for three months.
Graham Parker of Rockwell Crescent, Thurso, admitted the offence which occurred on the Dunnet-Castletown road, on October 14.
The court was told that when interviewed by police, the 18-year-old indicated that he had suddenly veered to the left and clipped the verge, causing the car to flip over into a field. He had over-corrected to take into a count of a vehicle that was close to overtaking him.
Solicitor Sylvia MacLennan said that the electrical apprentice, had been distracted by the vehicle close behind him and the lack of concentration had led to the accident.
Sheriff Berry found the explanation “strange” and said that the accident, which had caused injury to the accused and his passenger, could have been a lot more serious. He added that he would have to disqualify, Parker, for a short period to “bring home to significance of the matter” in the public interest.