View Full Version : Beware of tax rebate scam

25-Feb-11, 12:57
Don't fall for this tax rebate "good news"

POLICE in Portree are warning householders to be aware of a potential e-mail scam being circulated by a source claiming to be from the Inland Revenue.
Just in case, it works its way north, here’s what to look out for. The email is addressed "Dear Tax Payer" and inside, the text is as follows.
“We hereby call your attention to your tax payment refund that has accrued up to £3,997.32 GDP. You are advised to respond with effect, so that we will process your refund through your online banking. Kindly respond to this mail so that your tax refund will be processed and paid in under 72 hours of receiving the information that we’ve requested, on our web.”
The scam claims to be from “The Personal and Corporate Tax Refund Centre" (PCTRC) at HM Revenue @ Customs, and will originate from the following address secure@hmrc.gov.uk (secure@hmrc.gov.uk)
DON'T respond to this email and certainly don’t submit any personal details online, or over the phone.
Contact the police if you receive such mail.