View Full Version : Diesel car injectors

Donald W MacDonald
27-Aug-06, 19:42
Could someone tell me if there is a company in Caithness that cleans injectors


mr do dar
27-Aug-06, 20:31
hi ... im not too sure if rosses (the company ) at the top of milton hill cleans them for a small charge . if not go across the road to nicolsons they might do them .... hope they can help

rs 2k
27-Aug-06, 21:59
have you tried s.t.p. injector cleaner,works for me.................and it saves on the hassle of removing the injectors from your car.
whats up with your car?

if you really need your injectors clean there is a man in reiss (cant remember his name),3 doors up from the old post office,he is really, good anything to do with bosch or lucas/cav he will sort it for you..:)