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23-Feb-11, 11:22
Couple forced to hang on in telephone connection delay

It’s good to talk, particularly if you have a telephone connection.
Trouble is Dougie and Liz Wright, didn’t. The couple have been without a landline since they moved from Thurso, into their new home, Long Cairn House, Weydale, early in the New Year.
After cancelling one appointment, BT engineers failed to appear to connect the home and the Wrights were advised that the work had been held up because of an unspecified planning issue. Mrs Wright had taken a day off her job as a support worker to be on hand. Her husband and her spent ages on their mobile phones to the telecom giant, disproving its famous marketing line about talking being good.
The couple are understandably furious and haven’t even received an apology, let alone a satisfactory explanation. Dougie and Liz had installed the cable, themselves and only needed BT to connect it.
A BT spokesman said there had been a mix-up between contractors Openreach and the Wrights over a 224 excess due, because of the extra work required over and above the standard installation contract and the issue has yet to be resolved. The Wrights say they had agreed to the extra payment on January 20.