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22-Feb-11, 12:33
How about a helping hand Wick?..it's your party after all

THE chairwoman of H.A.P.P.Y (Hogmanay and People’s Party Yearly) was decidedly unhappy about the response to her appeal for more helping hands to keep Wick annual street bash going.
The skeleton committee failed to attract a single new recruit at its post-party meeting, last Thursday.
However, the volunteers say they will soldier on in the hope of a change of heart by some of the revellers.
The skeleton committee has continually appealed for new blood to take the popular party forward but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.
Chairwoman Mrs Campbell said: “There was a noticeable number of young people in the crowds at the last party and those are the very folk we want to attract who can contribute new ideas.”
The pub boss said, that, despite the fact that the next party was ten months away, her committee was already tentatively outlining possibilities for it.
Mrs Campbell again implored townspeople to get involved either on the committee, or as volunteers on the night and stressed that early pledges of support would be welcome. She added that it was soul-destroying for the same band of volunteers to stage the party, year in and year out, with no support.
One idea floated by H.A.P.P.Y. is for a pool of helpers which would enable the committee to draw up a rota, so that volunteers would only be on duty for one of three or four parties.