View Full Version : BLue monday

30-Sep-04, 11:10
Hey Neil. Just wondering if there is any more word about a Blue Monday getting set up real soon ?? We were think some time around november 20th maybe. But if you have any more news then let us know as soon as possible.



04-Oct-04, 22:36
Hey dudes.

To be honest, i'd forgotten about my grand plans to stage a rock extravaganza but since Taylor started raving about Metal Attakk i suppose we should get something together.

Ummmmm, that date sounds good-after all, you'll have an album to promote by then!!!!

13-Oct-04, 18:01
Sounds Grrrrrrrrrrrr8 man. How are we going to go about pulling of "THE GREATEST ROCK" ever ?? We need to know about equitment and stuff, but still plenty of time. Give us a shout if u come up with anything.


21-Oct-04, 14:08
yeah another blue monday gig sounds great i'll have to get this metal attakk thing sorted soon before everyone gets bored with the idea :evil