View Full Version : who does shopfitting up here?

21-Feb-11, 19:07
was wondering who does shop-fitting up here? nope not found a shop yet.. but looking for contacts!
any advice welcomed!

The Music Monster
21-Feb-11, 19:30
Ooops! I seriously misread this thread title and thought it read: who does shoplifting up here?
Sorry, I have no idea who does shopfitting, but creased myself double at that - simple things!!!

21-Feb-11, 19:32
Oh MM...............you and I had the same idea.

Sadly I have been to specsavers!

21-Feb-11, 19:57
And i read it that way as well!

22-Feb-11, 17:11
Oops...it was only when I came to reply....I found out my mistake too:lol:
My answer was going to be watch everyone..from little old ladies to kids!
No one is above suspicion!
Oh well next answer would be a chat with some joiners...if they dont they may point you in the right direction.
(some may even point you in the right direction on where to get the best fittings at the best prices too)
Ask Ben if I can borrow his glasses!:D

22-Feb-11, 20:22
Hee hee. Me too I'm afraid and I'm wearing my shiny new specs from Specsavers!!!!

As Dadie said Brandy try a joiner. Or if not you could get a shoplifter to steal some for you!lol

22-Feb-11, 20:31
If you are on facebook Brandy check out Barry Stewart Joinery - he did my shopfitting he's magic.

23-Feb-11, 10:02
LOL, so did I!!

23-Feb-11, 21:53
Sorry Brandy......but me too thought you were looking for a "shoplifter"......LOL !!! :lol::lol:

As others have said here though, I'm sure that if you just contact every joinery business available then you could maybe gauge an average price.

Also want to wish you all the very best in your new venture. :Razz

23-Feb-11, 22:06
thanks everyone! *laughs* have gotten several emails.. and thanks to everyone emailing me!! great response! will be contacting folks to get quotes as soon as i have a shop in hand *grins*

24-Feb-11, 20:58
I would highly recommend that you get a quote for D. A. Rosie joinery for high standard of work at a very competitive price. his website is http://www.north-joinery.com/

The Music Monster
25-Feb-11, 00:06
What is it they say about great minds..? Or is it fools..? :D
Yes, it could be time for me to trundle down to the opticians!!!