View Full Version : defender 110 TD5 glowplugs

27-Aug-06, 03:28
Anyone know why my glowplugs are not lighting everytime I start the truck? Somtimes it just refuses to start. Glowplug light doesnae come on! and if I try to start... no go. Kinda worried.. if anyone is a landrover junkie you'll prolly be able to help as I don't know anything about diesels or trucks for that matter! Help is greatly appreciated from the landy lovers in the know!:D

rs 2k
27-Aug-06, 09:46
i had a problem like this with my pajero, i checked the heater plugs one by one, they were working ok,the light on the dash was coming on and off as usual but when i put a multimeter to the heater plug supply....nothing.
traced the fault back to it being a faulty heater plug relay.............check your relay out along with the wiring pins to which the relay connects for bad connections/ corrosion .........hope this helps:)

27-Aug-06, 14:14
cheers rs 2K... I'll pass on the info to my hubby, hopefully he'll know what your talking about cause I've not got a clue! [lol] It is starting to worry me... cause it's getting worse all the time. And you always hear about horror stories of the electrics going dodgy and problems for forever after that!:(